Tesla Coil CAD... Version 2.0 Now Available


I wrote the original version of Tesla Coil CAD while I was doing the final year of my Electrical and Electronic Engineering Degree. While there was existing Tesla coil design software available, it was all DOS based, not very user friendly and none of it had facilities to save designs. I therefore decided to write some Windows based software which worked well for me.  To see the coil I built with the assistance of Tesla Coil CAD Version 1, click here.

The Tesla Coil CAD Version 2 features:

  • Primary coil calculations using a flat spiral design.
  • Secondary coil calculations.
  • Primary capacitor and neon sign transformer matching calculations.
  • Compatibility with 50Hz or 60Hz power systems.
  • Metric or imperial units.
  • Ability to recalculate design information without having to re-enter input parameters.
  • The ability to save and load designs (exchange the information with friends via email!)
The last coil I built

Tesla Coil CAD places very few restrictions on physical design constraints. Therefore, it is still necessary to have a good understanding of Tesla coil design practices.

After sitting in hibernation for two years, Tesla Coil CAD Version 2 has been released!!

Download Tesla Coil CAD Version 2 now - 1.92Mb... (Note: This software will run under Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT4 and Windows 2000)

To give you an idea of what you will get, I have included some images of the windows below...

As Tesla Coil CAD is free, I supply support as and when I can only. I ignore those who are rude and demanding and help those with a genuine interest and respect.  Believe me, I have come across a fair mixture of each in the last 5 years!!








Tesla Coil CAD, Copyright 1996-2001, Richard Chapman, all rights reserved.

Tesla Coil CAD is free software. Anyone may use this software on their system subject to the restriction that it may not be altered or sold without the authors explicit written consent. The software comes without support and probably will not go through any form of change in the near future, however I will answer any queries via email to:

Richard Chapman
[email protected]

If you find this software useful and use it regularly, then a donation of $5 will register this software and remove the nag screen at startup. The money will be passed on to the New Zealand SPCA to help those animals that can't speak for themselves.

For information on registering, refer to the Readme.txt file included with the program.

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