The Last Coil I Built

The design information shown to the right of the pictures was taken directly from Tesla Coil CAD .  The measured values after construction of the coil corresponded very closely to those values determined by the software.

Me next to my coil to give an idea of scale
Me next to my coil to give an idea
of scale

Secondary Coil Design

Diameter of secondary coil : 200.00mm
Winding height of secondary coil : 600.00mm
Wire diameter for secondary coil : 0.72mm
Spacing between windings : 0.00mm
Secondary turns : 833.00
Secondary wire length : 523.39m
Secondary inductance : 39.59mH
Approximate resonant frequency : 223.20kHz
Secondary quarter wavelength resonant frequency : 143.30kHz
Secondary self capacitance : 12.84pF
Toroid capacitance required to form quarter wavelength coil : 18.31pF 

Primary Winding Design

Primary capacitance : 0.0127uF
Primary resonant frequency : 143.30kHz
Secondary coil diameter : 200.00mm
Primary conductor diameter : 9.50mm
Primary turn to turn spacing : 9.50mm
Spacing between the secondary and the inside turn of the primary : 62.50mm
The primary will need to be tapped between turn 12 and turn 13 to form a resonant circuit at 143.3kHz

The approximate inductance at each turn is :
Turn 1 0.76uH
Turn 2 2.85uH
Turn 3 6.11uH
Turn 4 10.51uH
Turn 5 16.06uH
Turn 6 22.79uH
Turn 7 30.77uH
Turn 8 40.05uH
Turn 9 50.69uH
Turn 10 62.76uH
Turn 11 76.33uH
Turn 12 91.46uH
Turn 13 108.24uH
Turn 14 126.73uH
Turn 15 147.00uH

Neon Transformer / Primary Capacitor Matching

Transformer secondary voltage : 15kV
Transformer secondary current : 60mA
Number of transformers : 1
Primary capacitor required to form a resonant circuit at 50Hz with neon transformer(s) : 0.0127uF

Air Blast Gap
Air Blast Gap

Primary Tap
Primary Tap Clips

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