Richard and Weez Excellent Adventure - New Plymouth / Auckland...

Sunday 29th March - 8:51pm

Well, as you can see it's 8:51pm and you'd think we'd be on the plane!  Actually, we're still sitting in the holding lounge because the flight's been rescheduled to 10pm because of a tail wind from here to LA making the flight quicker.  So I've taken this opportunity to grab a hotpoint courtesy of Auckland Airport, charge the laptop batteries up and grab a quick game of Quake before we leave!

Kristin and Andy very kindly looked after us Saturday and Sunday and dropped us off at the airport.  We rolled up to the counter that had Air New Zealand in large letters on the TV above it.  "Where are you off to?" the lady at the counter enquired.  Providing the obvious answer she told us that we were in the queue for the plane to Samoa! - but to stay there and she would process us anyway!  The big Air New Zealand sign above the counter apparently meant that it was closed (we were meant to find the counter that said 'Los Angeles Check In') - go figure!   We had a drink at the bar with them and had a chat till Jonathan and Megan arrived.  

Jonathan and Megan

I was getting a bit edgy at this stage so the drink calmed me............for ten minutes!!  Kristin and Andy left not long after and Jon, Megs, Weez and I hit McDonalds for a quick feed before we left.  Burnt Big Macs, burnt least the Coke wasn't burnt!  We went and cashed in our final NZ money for US dollars and said goodbye to Jon and Megs (until we come back for their wedding!!!). 

They waved goodbye as requested for the 'Rich and Weez Most Excellent' travel video and left for home (the thriving metropolis of Morrinsville!).

sign.JPG (26729 bytes)

So, on our own, the nerves began to set in again.  We went through Customs and I handed over my EC passport since I had decided to travel from here to Britain on the EC passport (and back again) and only use my New Zealand passport when I came back into New Zealand.  Wrong decision.  I was informed to use my New Zealand passport whenever I leave or enter New Zealand.  Well, now I know.

So here we are - sitting, waiting, trying to look relaxed!  Time for a game of Quake I think.  More L8R.........