Richard and Weez Excellent Adventure - Los Angeles...

Sunday 29th March - 10.45pm

We've been in LA for a few hours now.  Getting through Customs was a breeze and we hopped on a bus which took us to our hotel in Buena Park.  We've just arrived back from Disney Land where we went to see the Fantasia show which was brilliant.   Fantasia usually only runs on the weekend nights and Fridays too so if you're ever planning a trip to Disney then be sure to include a weekend night.

Before heading off, we grabbed a quick bite at the hotel restaraunt.  Only the budget restaurant was open at Buena Park Hotel.  It looks like the fancier place has been closed for ages.  The hotel is slowly going down in our ratings.  More on that later.  Lesson one.  Nachos in America is not the same as nachos in New Zealand.   In America, nachos is corn chips covered in melted cheese.  Where's my refried beans.....aaaaaarrrrrrgggggg...........  Oh well, the french fries are the same.

The trip to Disney Land was a bit of a worry.  We missed the Disneyland shuttle bus from our motel.  We were experiencing mixed levels of helpfulness from the hotel staff.  We were told that the shuttle bus would pick us up just outside the door of the hotel so we could sit inside and wait for it.  Well, 'just outside the door'   was really 'just outside the door, up the way a bit and behind the airport bus'!   So with a bit of helpfulness we were piled onto another bus which took us 'nearly' to Disney Land.  The bus dropped us at an intersection in the dark and the driver told us to "just walk down that road, and see those barriers?  Just wait there, a Disneyland tram will pick you up".  So in a dodgy looking area (it was probably quite safe, but it looked a little dodgy to us!) we walked about 200m down to the barriers  trying to conceal the camcorder and camera and hoping we wouldn't get mugged!  Thankfully, just as we reached the barrier, the tram arrived and we hopped on and caught a ride to the front door of Disney Land.  After exchanging our vouchers for 5 day flexi-passes we headed over to Tom Sawyers Island  to catch Fantasia.   We arrived there about half an hour before the show started and we had to stand at the back of the huge crowd.  To get a front row position, we guess we should have been there at least an hour early.  This is a shouldn't miss show.  Music, lasers, special effects, Captain Hook and Peter Pan fighting it out on the pirate ship..........  I'll put a video clip here when you get a video capture card Rob!

We decided to head straight back to the hotel after the show because we were tired and we didn't wan't to be left hanging round when the park closed in an unfamiliar area trying to find out how to get home.  We were told when we were dropped off that if we caught the tram back to the barriers, ventured down that dodgy 200m of road and headed for the Best Western motel then we should be able to catch another bus back from there (should being the seemingly vague word!).  Problem was, all the trams didn't seem to be going to the same place.  At this stage we thought it would be better to take our chances with a cab.  So, still not really knowing where we were, we found a cab which got us back to the hotel for US $17 (plus the tip) - We gave him US $20.  Now thats NZ $36 - a pretty expensive trip!  Best we get the Disneyland Shuttle sussed tomorrow because it's free.

I've managed to get the hotel phone in our room sussed to work with the computer ergo -   an internet connection and contact with the outside world - phew.  A day without internet access is like.........night!  Well, it's Disney Land again tomorrow so I'd best be off to bed.   ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Monday 30th March - 9.35pm

We've finally got the Disney Land shuttle bus service sussed!  We caught the 9.20am bus and arrived at about 9.45.  Through the gates and onwards. 

drinks.JPG (58176 bytes)

We grabbed an expensive breakfast of muffins and Coke.  Not wanting to miss anything, Louise made sure that every major attraction wasn't missed.